Posted by: peteinman | December 10, 2009

Essential Development Tools

This is a list of development tools that, personally I think are essential in Java development.

I’m not saying that they’re the only tools around which do the same job, but they’ve certainly made my life easier over the past year.

1) Subversion

Coming from a VSS environment, SVN was heavenly. If you’re still using VSS, dump it and move, it’s superb.


Fantastic system, and much better than excel for managing faults!

3) Maven

Simplified and standardised our build process from a custom built ant + JBuilder system which has removed the dependency on individuals to support the build process.

4) TeamCity

Brilliant – it really does work in about 20 minutes. There are other build servers, but this was easy to set up. Configure the builds and forget it. Simply brilliant.

5) IntelliJ

Same standard as TeamCity – brilliant. Fast IDE and perfectly suited to Java development. We did use eclipse but found long pauses in the IDE a problem whilst it was doing something and we haven’t had that in IntelliJ. Eclipse could give bad results as we’re running on Vista, which seems to be pretty rubbish anyway.

IntelliJ isn’t free for commercial projects, but it’s not expensive either – and it works.


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